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No Rei Ha

As an Empowered Empath, Multidimensional Channel, Light Language, Codes Carrier/Activator/Translator/Creator, Lemurian Crystal Gatekeeper, and Universal Cosmic Intelligence Conduit to name just a few diverse energies I carry and embody that represents the energetic fields of my Light Body. My human aspect carries, holds and manifests these higher energies through the human vessel that I inhabit. My core healing abilities are Multidimensional, infinite, and eternal that is in a never ending state of shifting into perpetual realities of diverse healing modalities; an ascended state of healing and developing the implementations of accelerated healing modalities through the higher dimensions. I basically describe myself as energy, frequency, vibration, light. This paragraph is written for humans who have a need for labels and descriptions to better grasp information from a human standpoint of view. Energy is simply energy and within it all knowledge is known therefore I AM Energy!

Life is a series of experiences that we grow through, the path is paved by you. The lessons are infinite Individually and collectively we each have a unique path and journey in life that we move through that awakens our soul to remembering who we truly are and why we are here. Challenges and adventures helps one to grow into all that they are and so much more. Arriving at pinnacles in our lives that trigger and open awareness within to re-awakening your true Divine essence. We are a spark of the Divine Source Creator in human form expressing through us the light that we hold and embody individually and collectively, a unique signature imprint of our soul essence. You are magnificent and powerful beings walking the earth at this time whether you realize this or not and we are all here to make a difference collectively and individually in service to all sentient beings.
My human name is Bonnie-Lee Hau’olilani Fernandez, born and raised in Hawaii of Hawaiian descent. I am Multidimensional Quantum Energy, I specifically work with energy and the energy field within. Personally, I define myself as “energy”, an expression of energy through the human form is what we all are. Energy is simply a vibration, a frequency. It is felt, known, and experienced through ones own energy field at it’s core. It is vast, unlimited and powerful all in it’s own Divinity.
Evolutionary growth, empowerment and learning to better understand the self mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually is the way of Self Mastery. It is known that we all walk individual paths conducive to what each of us must learn and grow through while on the journey of discovering all that you are. There is no right or wrong way of learning and growing as well as no right or wrong way of truths and beliefs because we all hold what is basically true for ourselves and not necessarily for everyone else in life, we are all unique. Honoring this in others is paramount and accepting others for who they truly are is most important and vital for all to understand because we are all interconnected in this web of life, different branches on the tree of life, different and unique expressions as a spark of the Divine Creator. Expressing our spiritual divinity through this human vessel that we each have chosen to inhabit at this time here to learn the Infinite Lessons of Life.
Bonnie-Lee H. Fernandez(No Rei Ha),

Energy Life Skills Facilitator